May 7, 2018

cropped jeans trend

cropped jeans trend

Have you ever found yourself not liking something at first, but after seeing it over and over again, it slowly grows on you? That’s how I feel about cropped jeans! While I haven’t totally ditched my skinny jeans—lately, I find myself swapping out the skinny jeans for the cropped look. These jeans are super cute, easy to style and give off such an effortless vibe. I didn’t think I liked this trend at first, but the more I see them around, the more I like them! Cropped jeans definitely have staying power because they look great with a lot of stuff.


The key to pulling off cropped jeans is finding the cut that flatters your figure. The most common problem with this style is that they tend to make us look short. At 5’4 ft, I totally struggle with this problem. With cropped jeans, it’s all about wearing the right length. The length is what really makes or breaks it. My rule of thumb is that they need to be 2 inches above the ankles. I hate it when the jeans sit right at my ankles or just a tad below them. It makes my legs look super short— sooo unflattering! Also, opt for the high waisted fit. Somehow, cropped jeans that are high waisted give the illusion of longer legs!

My absolutely favorite cropped jeans are the vintage Levi’s from RE/DONE. They carry some killer styles, but they are not cheap. Their jeans are anywhere between $250-$350— totally out of my budget. If you have the money to spare, they are totally worth the splurge. I actually found some great ones from Levi’s online. The original 501s are the best! Levi’s really has the best selection of washes and their jeans are just so classic. I figure if I really want the vintage look, I could just wear the new jeans until they’re old and worn— same difference right?!

Cropped jeans laidback vibe totally fit my style. They’re easy to wear and look great with most shoes! If I’m going for something casual, I wear them with sandals or sneakers. When I feel like dressing up, I style them with ankle boots. And when I want to look chic, I throw on a pair of heels. The possibilities are endless! I just love these! How do you feel about cropped jeans trend? Yay or Nay? Share!


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